How to read BlackBerry MEP without Cable

Step 1.
– On your BlackBerry, hold ALT and press E-A-C-E (2*92)
– The Help Me! Menu will open up, this will contain the information you will need to access the MEP number

Step 2.
– Go to a calculator which will calculate a “secret pin” that you will need to enter to access a hidden screen
– I recommend this one
– Enter the information that the generator asks for (device PIN, uptime, version, etc) all exactly as it is, including parenthesis/brackets
– You will receive an 8-character PIN code (not your BBM PIN), you must stay on the page you’re on

Step 3.
– Whilst still in the Help Me! Menu, type that PIN code just as you would text it, it is not case sensitive

Step 3.
– If you’ve entered the PIN correctly, a new screen will appear called the Engineering Screen
– Scroll down and select OS Engineering Screens
– Furthermore, select Device Info

Step 4.
– This page contains many different numbers and parameters for your phone, you will need to scroll down and find the one labelled MEP

Step 5.
– You have found your MEP number!

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