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The phone users need to be guaranteed by the service provider all the services available. You don’t need to go the service provider to unlock your cell phone. It’s easy to unlock your cell phones, it’s free and it will save you time and money. Due to the number of cell phones required to be unlocked it become cumbersome for the service provider to attend all of them and that the main reason why we have backlog to help our imei cell phone user to unlock the phone easier. Our unlock code is guaranteed and 100% genuine

There is an easy step to follow to unlock the cell phones and they are as follows:


STEP 1. The kind of imei cell phone you are using.

To get all this information from your cell phone just dial *#06# and you will get the below information to unlock your cell phone easier.

You must have the full information about your cell phone. The imei number is very important when it comes to unlocking your imei cell phone. The cell phone model is also important to make the work easier, cell phone brand and lock carrier.

STEP 2.The information you got will be used to unlock your cell phone. You need to send the information you have gathered from step 1 using the unlock form provided in your phone. This information you have filled in your unlock form are imei number, model of the cell phone, phone brand and lock carrier

STEP 3.You will get the unlock code after using the step 2.By using the instruction; enter the information to your email.

STEP 4.By following the instruction you have received from your email enter the unlock code and your cell phone is unlocked and ready to use.

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