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      1. can you help me with two phones tracfone wireless alcatel one touch A621bl the provide ID : A621BL-2HKFUS3-R and the IMEI numbers #014470000660216 and
        014470000422682 thanks for your attention

  1. Good day to you..can u please help me unlock my ALCATEL OT-606A…

    IMEI: 012908001119445
    CR: 606A-2ETBUS3-R

    can u email the result sir if there is anyat ***

    Thank u sir…-dennis

    1. Hello Dennis, We will be happy to assist you with your unlocking need. But we don’t see your email address on our confirmation list, so there’s no way to tell that you completed a referral.

    1. Hello Ahmed, please send us the Provider ID of your Alcatel Fierce 4 phone. It looks something like this “C552X-3BTLES1” and can be found underneath the battery compartment.

    1. Hello Sandeep, thanks for sharing. In order to proceed with your request, I’ll need the Provider ID of your phone please.

    1. Hello Michael, Some Sprint phones cannot be unlocked due to the fact that they run on CDMA network. Does your phone ask you for an unlock code when you insert a non-Sprint SIM card in it?

      1. negative it says I need to go to sprint to change it or something like that. So does that means that there is no way to unlock the son of a gun. LOL …

  2. I just shared in Facebook and completed the referral. The IMEI number is 014427000859412 and the provider ID is A450TL-2AKFUS3-R. Please provide the unlock code via email I think my Facebook might be a different email but it will have ‘kotelnikov’ in it and I think it is an outlook email

  3. please i have at&t alcatel_4060A with IMEI number.014699007459798 with a network provider code which i can not identify the right one provider ID..FCC ID.2ACCJB039 and SKU>>6454A

  4. Please I have Tracfone Alcatel A460G with IMEI number 014350001399685

    with TF PN: GPALA460GB
    HAC M3/T4

    with FCC ID: RAD540

  5. Hi,
    I have shared your page in FB and completed the referral. Please unlock my AT&T locked Alcatel phone.

    IMEI : 013107006399701
    Model: OT510APIB

    Let me know if you need any further information. Thanks

          1. If the battery has completely dried and if the phone shuts off and if you start again after charging, it is asking for network key again…

            is there any other permanent code? thanks

  6. Hello,

    I have posted your page in twitter and completed the referral. Please help unlock my Alcatel Onetouch Pixi GLITZ.

    IMEI : 014350000592603
    Model: TFALA463BGP4

    If you need any further information. please feel free to contact me. Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi,
    I have shared your page in FB.The phone is an Alcatel:
    Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 4:
    IMEI: 35765107071571680
    Product ID: 5010X-2AVDRO1


  8. Hello my phone is a tracfone Alcatel pixi unite, the imei is 014643006441043, the provider id is a466bg-2akfus1-r

    I posted the Facebook thanks for the help

  9. Hello my phone is a tracfone Alcatel pixi unite, the imei is 014643004831377 and my Tracfone Alcatel A466BG is the model thank you so much for all this great work you do just to cool man awesome thank you so much inside

  10. I shared your page on FB
    Please provide me with an unlock code for :
    Alcatel One Touch 5056o
    Thank you

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