Free iPhone Unlock | AT&T iPhone clean & out of contract

If you looking for free cell phone unlock codes you have come to the right place. At the moment we are offering free unlock services for only a few brand. We will continue to add more free unlock code services to our menu as time goes on.

You should know that you can always get your phone unlocked by your service provider free of charge. But if for some reason your service provide cannot assist you, we can help.
All you have to do is help us with a tiny little favor so that we can help you as well :-).

After completing the required tasks, please make sure to post a comment below with your IMEI number, or DM us on Twitter (@Free_Unlock).

Also, our free cell phone unlock codes are real. Your phone is 100% Guaranteed to be unlocked as long as you meet the requirements stated above.

Free unlocks for more brands and networks will be supported soon. If you have any questions related to phone unlocking services, please do not hesitate to let us know.


104 thoughts on “Free iPhone Unlock | AT&T iPhone clean & out of contract

  1. Please unlock my iPhone to any network
    IMEI: 013267001508399
    I really Thank you if you un lock my iphone to any network. Now I live in Ethiopia

    1. Hi Garrett, your phone has been unlocked. Please connect to iTunes to finalize the process. Thanks!

  2. Wow, amazing, your service is fast. My phone is unlocked and I am very happy, Thank you very much. God Bless You.

  3. Hi, can you help me unlock my iPhone 4s/ it’s locked with ROGERS carrier
    / hoping for your favorable response ASAP. Thanx

    1. Garrettbro39, your phone has been unlocked. Please connect to iTunes to finalize the process.


    1. Sorry Ben, your unlock request was unsuccessful. Your IMEI probably didn’t meet our requirements. Please use a premium service.

    1. Hi Asri,

      Your phone unlock request was denied. Your phone may still be registered under a user account, or may still be in contract. In order to get it unlocked, you have to use a premium service. Or call AT&T.

  4. Please my iphone 5C is disable because of wrong password and it is disabled please remove it.
    IMEI # 358543053590227
    and its serial # is F2LLK9YQFFT5
    I hope ypu will give me Best and Immediate solution.
    Thank you in Advance
    Yours Sisay Gedamu

          1. IMEI: 013442007815201
            Serial Number: DQGLXC0XFH1C
            Find My iPhone: On
            Telephone Technical Support: Expired
            Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
            Carrier: Check Carrier
            Blacklisted: Check
            SIM Lock: Check SIM Lock
            card indonesia

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